For Fathers on Father’s Day

The idea of fatherhood is not confined to humanity: God was Father first. The Bible tells us, that out of his great love, he sent his Son into the world, so that he could bring many sons to glory. This teaches us the primary thing about fatherhood: it takes love.

Fatherhood is a high calling. As fathers, we should be a reflection of our Heavenly Father’s strength, loving care, patient leadership, tender mercy, and wise guidance. Yet, we will, at some time, feel insufficient to this great task.

Some of us think of our fathers with with honour and pride. Others may have memories of how our fathers did not represent these characteristics, or, as fathers, we may be all too aware of the mistakes we may have made. Still, others of us here draw a blank on Father’s Day – this person is missing from our lives, with accompanying feelings of emptiness.

For each of us, regardless of where we may fit, I believe there is hope for greater things.

Rightfully proud sons and daughters have the opportunity of looking to their Heavenly Father with trust and faith, as they have seen the example of faithfulness in their earthly fathers.

The sorrowful can overcome pain by the joy of knowing God as the perfect Father who does not disappoint, and who never fails. Fathers, we have the opportunity to God as someone who is committed to equipping us to be the men we were meant to be.

The fatherless, by accepting adoption into the family of God through trusting in Christ, can come to know Him as perhaps their first real Father.

Knowing God and being like Him, is, I believe, what fatherhood is all about. To the fathers present, who faithfully take their families every week to learn about and worship the Lord Jesus, you are giving your children a great gift. I wish to encourage you to continue, and to faithfully live and teach Biblical principles in your homes.

It is right and good that we take time to remember our earthly fathers today, but let’s celebrate even more that we are in God’s family and children of a perfect father.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

(Delivered as part of worship service). 

Please let me know what you think! I learn from your comments.

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