Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends, Church Leaders, and Politicians by Kevin DeYoung

20120915-144307.jpgThis is a reblog from Desiring God article by Kevin DeYoung.

“What shall we call the unborn in the womb?

If the entity is a living thing, is it not a life? If your person began as a single cell, how can that fertilized egg be something other than a human being? Isn’t it more accurate to say you were an embryo than that you simply came from one?

So when does a human being have a right to life?

Shall we say size matters? Is the unborn child too small to deserve our protection? Are big people more valuable than little people? Are men more human than woman? Do offensive linemen have more rights than jockeys? Is the life in the womb of no account because you can’t hold him in our arms, or put him in your hands, or only see her on a screen?

Shall we make intellectual development and mental capacity the measure of our worth? Are three year-old children less valuable than thirteen year-olds? Is the unborn child less than fully human because he cannot speak or count or be self-aware? Does the cooing infant in the crib have to smile or shake your hand or recite the alphabet before she deserves another day? If an expression of basic mental acuity is necessary to be a full-fledged member of the human community, what shall we do with the comatose, the very old, or the fifty year-old mom with Alzheimer’s? And what about all of us who sleep?

Shall we deny the unborn child’s right to life because of where he lives? Can environment give us value or take it away? Are we worth less inside than outside? Can we be justly killed when we swim under water? Does where we are determine who we are? Does the eight inch journey down the birth canal make us human? Does this change of scenery turn “its” into persons? Is love a condition of location?

Shall we reserve human dignity only for those humans who are not dependent on others? Do we deserve to live only when we can live on our own? Is the four-month old fetus less than human because she needs her mom for life? Is the four-month old infant less than human when she still needs her mom for life? What if you depend on dialysis or insulin or a breathing apparatus? Is value a product of fully-functioning vitality? Is independence a prerequisite for human identity? Are we worth only what we can think, accomplish, and do on our own?

If the unborn life is human life, what can justify snuffing it out? Would it be right to take the life of your child on his first birthday because he came to you through sad and tragic circumstances? Would you push an 18 month old into traffic because she makes our life difficult? Does a three year-old deserve to die because we think we deserve a choice?

What do you deserve now? What are your rights as a human person? Did you have those same rights five years ago? What about before you could drive? Or when you used training wheels? Were you less than fully human when you played in the sandbox? When you wore a bib? When you nursed at your mother’s breast? When your dad cut your cord? When you tumbled in that watery mess and kicked against that funny wall? When your heart pounded on the monitor for the first time? When you grew your first fingernails? When you grew your first cells?

What shall we call the child in the womb? A fetus? A mystery? A mistake? A wedge issue? What if science and Scripture and commonsense would have us call it a person? What if the unborn child, the messy infant, the wobbly toddler, the rambunctious teenager, the college freshman, the blushing bride, the first-time mother, the working woman, the proud grammy, and the demented old friend differ not in kind but only in degree? Where in the progression does our humanity begin and end? Where does life become valuable? When are we worth something? When do human rights become our rights? What if Dr. Seuss was right and a person’s a person no matter how small?

Why celebrate the right to kill what you once were? Why deny the rights of the little one who is what you are?”

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2 responses to “Questions for Our Pro-Abortion Friends, Church Leaders, and Politicians by Kevin DeYoung

  1. Fetus is Latin for baby! Why call a baby some word in a dead language (coincidentally used by the false Roman Catholic idolatrous cult which has killed many fetus/babies of pregnant nuns) unless the pro-baby-killers are trying to deceive people that fetus does not equal baby?

    I understand SDA hospitals perform many routine, every-day, elective, baby-killings. Purdy interesting for a people who claim they keep the 10-commandments, but really are deceivers, spiritual liars, and murderers. Luke 17:1,2 says millstone around their necks. I am sure that “church” gladly accepts tithe and offering money from SDA doctors who earn money killing babies! Hit men tithing the proceeds! Yeah sure, of course they keep every Saturday holy (/sarcasm). But have to get back to killing babies first thing Monday morning.

    Not to mention that every routine abortion violates the golden rule that Jesus commanded in Matt 7:12.  SDA doctors don’t want to be killed, but they gladly kill the utterly defenseless for a few pesos. How brave of them! James 2:10 summarizes that this cult has never kept the law, never kept a day holy, in their entire, pathetic, deceived, reprobate, antichrist lives! They shake their little blasphemous, murderous fists in Jesus’ face, then make the claim they keep days holy! How modest of them.

    Aside from canceling all their sabbath keeping claims as they routinely kill babies, see James 2:10. Where in Luke 17:1,2 or Matt 7:12 does Jesus give the command to murder babies?

    Talk about wolves in sheeps clothing! Jesus never commanded these arrogant SDA’s to kill babies. This is antichrist behavior, but what else is new with Adventism? They’ve been antichrist ever since 1844, probably even prior to that. Look up Hebrews 12:8 in the KJV to discover what these unchastened, uncorrected SDA people are.

    Matt 7:15-23 applies 100% to Adventism. They will say Lord, Lord, we deceived others in your name, we promoted a sin-capable “jesus” in your name, we killed babies in your name in our SDA hospitals, we promoted a false she-prophet in your name, we were hypocrites for you, we pretended to keep sabbath holy in your name, in your name we made false predictions about Sunday-churchers, we ate special diets to sin less! And He will tell them: “get away from Me, I never knew you, you lawless, deceived reprobates”.

    And why is your website recently putting 150K worth of cookies on my Android tablet?

    Why is your website lately putting 150K worth of cookies on my Android tablet?

    Why is your website just now putting 150K worth of cookies on my Android tablet?

    Why did your website decide to write 150K worth of cookies to my Android tablet?

    What are the content of these 150K of cookies and who do they report to??

    Are you aware of this problem??

    Is putting 150K of unknown, unexplained content on my computer, against my will, without my permission, the same thing as living out the Golden Rule commanded by Jesus?

    Do you want others arbitrarily putting creepy, antichrist stuff on your computer?

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