The Error of Moralism

20130730-000503.jpg“[Some peo­ple think] …they are so good, that they scorn God’s offer of mercy. Indeed these are often in the worst con­di­tion: these are they who think they need no repen­tance (Luke 15:7). Their moral­i­ty undoes them. They make a “sav­ior” of it, and so on this rock they suf­fer ship­wreck. Moral­i­ty shoots short of heav­en. It is only nature refined. A moral man is but old Adam dressed in fine clothes. The king’s image coun­ter­feit­ed and stamped upon brass will not go cur­rent. The moral per­son seems to have the image of God—but he is only brass metal, which will never pass for cur­rent. Moral­i­ty is insuf­fi­cient for sal­va­tion. Though the life is mor­al­ized, the lust may be unmor­ti­fied. The heart may be full of pride and athe­ism. Under the fair leaves of a tree, there may be a worm. I am not say­ing, repent that you are moral—but that you are no more than moral. Satan entered into the house that had just been swept and gar­nished (Luke 11:26). This is the emblem of a moral man, who is swept by civil­i­ty and gar­nished with com­mon gifts—but is not washed by true repen­tance. The unclean spir­it enters into such a one. If moral­i­ty were suf­fi­cient to sal­va­tion, Christ need not have died. The moral man has a fair lamp—but it lacks the oil of grace.” -Thomas Watson, Puritan.

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