Church Membership and Marriage

20120808-231945.jpgI am missing the proper credit for this quote, but it is valuable.

If a man lives with a woman, or with more than one woman, that is not marriage. That is not being one body. In our society, we put our names on paper, and risk all that we have to be “one body” with another person. That is how marriage is, and works. Today, it is not fashionable to do so. A man will “try” many women, and perhaps commit to none.

Likewise, to be part of “a body” means to put your name there, to identify, and say, this is mine, I am part of this. It is a commitment. New Testament believers were accountable to a body of believers, which was organized, with elders, deacons, and pastors. They were to look over the souls of their flock, and were accountable to the Lord for doing so. They were not to lord over the flock, but the members were to be answerable within that context.

Today there is little true commitment to the local church. Many like to “try” churches, attend churches, but not commit to putting their names, to risk their names, to the support of the local manifestation of the people of God. It is a type of spiritual “shacking up”.

As the spouse we marrry is not perfect, but flawed, so will the congregations be. We will not find a perfect congregation, but if we were to wait to find the “perfect husband/wife” to get married, nobody would bother. So with the church; find a congregation where the Christ is uplifted, worshipped, and where the word is taught, and meet him there by becoming a member of that body.”

Please let me know what you think! I learn from your comments.

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